The People's Republic of Ostania (東人民共和国オスタニア, Osutania)

A myriad of architectural feats and entertainment sites take place in Ostania . Berlint City Hall (バーリント市役所しやくしょ, Bārinto Shiyakusho) is located in the capital city of Ostania, Berlint. Berlint City Hall features several departments - including auditing, policy, and business development. Berlint Aqualand is an aquarium popular for housing the world's largest/penguin exhibition. Mona & Monacca Boutique is a tailor shop that is the exclusive seller for Eden Academy uniforms. Eden/Academy (イーデン校こう, Īden Ko)- formally known as Eden College (イーデンカレッジ, Īden Karejji), is a highly prestigious private school located in Berlint, Ostania. Eden/Academy is regarded as the top school - in the nation. It has a student body of roughly 2500, ranging from ages 6 to 19. Its strict education and that many of its students / alumni come from families with prominent status has made it extremely desirable for families to enroll their children. Eden Academy is made-up of multiple/complex buildings - contained within a spacious campus. The school grounds are about the size - of a small/ town. Small/hills - a river where you can do things like rafting, manoeuvring grounds, a small, old castle and so on are scattered around the grounds. Eden Academy also places importance on training in livestock and agriculture- as a result- there are many animals used for studies